Betsy Andrews

Betsy Andrews

I'm a journalist, editor, and poet

Food, wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, travel, the environment, garden, home, health, poetry and the arts

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The Bottom by Betsy Andrews

Winner of the 42 Miles Press Prize in Poetry, 2014

Kestrel article

Bird Crazy

Bird-watching is exercise that works even for fitness-phobes


What Is 'Rainforest-Free' Clothing, and Why Should You Care ...

There’s a pretty high chance the shirt on your back is made from ancient, endangered trees.

Home2 article

Big Sur Is Beautiful. It's Also a Hard Place to Run a Restaurant

How businesses cope with natural disaster along the California coast

Nuts article

After 40 Years ‘We Are Nuts About Nuts’ Will Close This Month

SP’s Nuts & Candy had a long run

"Man in Flight" | Academy of American Poets

a poem by Betsy Andrews

Grapes william chris hye texas wine article


Nowadays, there are lots of delicious Texas wines to sip.

Pandora main 1000 article

Why This Woman Is Teaching Ex-Prisoners About Permaculture

She connects former inmates to nature, and the results are amazing.

Spinach pie article

The Best Dish at Any Greek Diner Is the Spinach Pie

Get it while diners are still around

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New Jersey by Betsy Andrews

Winner of the Brittingham Prize in Poetry
University of Wisconsin Press, 2007

Sfd wine library cr randy romano istock 2520x1420 768x433 article

How Library Wines Help Build a Legacy

Poring through a collection of library wines offers a unique opportunity to learn from vintages past

Flyfish cast 1000 article

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Fly Fishing

Turns out the second most popular outdoor activity in America is also really good for you.

Pjk startseite biodynamie article
food & wine magazine

Next Stop: The Rhine

Amid ancient castles and riverside villages, rule-breaking young vintners are turning this picturesque route into Germany's most thrilling wine destination

Mushroom foraging 2 ft blog0417 article
Food & Wine

Mushroom Hunting (and Cooking) Lessons from an Expert Forager ...

What I learned on an expedition with Blackberry Farm’s Cassidee Dabney.

Sushi sparkling pouring ruinart 2000x1125 article

Put Down the Sake, Sushi’s Ideal Match is Actually Champagne

A growing thirst for sparkling wine in Japan is fueling a revelatory new pairing that’s now trending at home and abroad. Plus, a helpful guide to the best bottles to look for on a wine list.