Betsy Andrews

Betsy Andrews

I'm a journalist, editor, and poet

Food, wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, travel, the environment, garden, home, health, poetry and the arts

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The Bottom By Betsy Andrews - The

The Bottom By Betsy Andrews - The

Open uri20160414 10899 2bzpe7 article

Mouth by Tracy Knapp

McKenzie Tozan reviews Tracey Knapp's Mouth today in Rumpus Poetry....

Open uri20160414 10899 6qav93 article

10/40/70 #23: Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974

This ongoing experiment in film writing freezes a film at 10, 40, and 70 minutes, and keeps the commentary as close to those frames as possible. This week, I examine Red Riding: In the Year of Our ......

Open uri20160414 10899 19f9fyj article

We Are Many. We Are Everywhere.

A great deal of the conversation about publishing and diversity is grounded in the idea that there simply aren’t many writers of color....

Open uri20160414 10899 tqauil article

Saturday History Lesson: That Time Edith Wharton Wrote Erotica

If you've never been to an archive, this is what it's like: you will go mad from the hum of cranked up air-conditioning. You are usually only allowed to bring a pencil....

Open uri20160414 10899 19muz8s article

The Rumpus Interview with Mike Doughty

When most people hear the name "Mike Doughty" they think of the famous musician who they're waiting in line to see. At least, this is according to a recent survey of Mike Doughty fans standing in l......

Open uri20160414 10899 1ek0fhg article

Shark’s Teeth

My kink used to be my Deepest Darkest secret, and now it is an integrated part of my everyday life....

Open uri20160414 10899 11cxe3s article

The Rumpus Interview with Karen Prior

A formerly freckle-faced pothead with a penchant for getting arrested, Prior admits she doesn’t hide emotions well and so to some, she can be a handful....

Open uri20160414 10899 1eumdlo article

The Rumpus Interview with Kelly Hogan

Never underestimate the value of knowing how to play well with others....

Open uri20160414 10899 1khjhxp article

In Praise of Depression

Not long ago, I had a conversation with a woman fifteen or twenty years older than myself, who told me that she thinks of Prozac as "the penicillin of my generation."...

Open uri20160414 10899 1qza5c article

DEAR SUGAR, The Rumpus Advice Column #82: The God of Doing it Anyway

Dear Sugar, Do you think there will ever be room for me...

Open uri20160414 10899 1ji0uje article

THE WEEK IN GREED #6: To Behave Like the Fallen World

I remember we were standing around in the breezeway before fifth period social studies and this kid Jim walked up to a girl named Tammy and began saying a bunch of sexual stuff to her....

Open uri20161028 30588 12q26k0 article

Mouth by Tracey Knapp

McKenzie Tozan reviews Tracey Knapp’s Mouth today in Rumpus Poetry....


The Sunday Rumpus Essay: Unrecognized Brownie, Circa 1978

I picture families lingering over albums in the faraway future, someone leaning over someone else’s shoulder, pointing at me, asking, Who was that?...